Groundwater investigations and remediation plan development

How will the water on your site impact your business? In turn, how will your business operations impact the groundwater?

The geo-environmental group at Bowser-Morner can answer these questions and engineer solutions to protect your operation and the environment.

Groundwater Studies and Monitoring

Bowser-Morner's geo-environmental group conducts investigations to identify and quantify how water resources on a site may impact a development. For example, if a river floods, we can determine if it might flood basements and buildings.

We also conduct studies to determine the extent of contamination in the soil and groundwater on a site caused by business operations and wastewater discharge.

Our services include:

  • Studies of groundwater movement
  • Predictive modeling of groundwater contaminants including contaminant plume delineation
  • Commercial and industrial groundwater monitoring and monitoring plan development
  • Testing and sampling groundwater
  • Overseeing groundwater monitoring wells
  • Aquifer analysis
  • Statistical evaluations

Groundwater Remediation Plan Development

Should our studies reveal groundwater contamination, Bowser-Morner engineers and environmental specialists work together to deign remediation plans to restore sites to environmentally acceptable conditions. We focus on engineering cost-effective plans that comply with environmental regulations while meeting business needs.

Aggregate Mine Dewatering

Our team of engineers can also design dewatering plans for facilities impacted by groundwater, including aggregate mine dewatering plans. We can help with NPDES permitting for these operations.

Key Personnel

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