Brownfield redevelopment expertise to help you reclaim and reuse a site

The Bowser-Morner team has extensive experience with Brownfield redevelopment. In fact, our Toledo office sits on a Brownfield site that we remediated and restored. We can help you take advantage of Brownfield funding incentives and the many benefits of reclaiming abandoned or previously used sites.

Bowser-Morner environmental specialists are skilled at addressing the perceived and real contamination issues associated with formal industrial or commercial sites. By leveraging our expertise to resolve and remediate environmental issues on these sites, you can benefit from a variety of Brownfield funding incentives. Redeveloping a Brownfield offers other advantages, such as enviable locations close to highways, airports, and railroads; existing zoning, public utility connections, structurally sound building space, and service or inroads; and the public goodwill that comes from preserving green space while revitalizing a formerly blighted site.

If Brownfield redevelopment is right for your business, Bowser-Morner can help with:

  • Brownfield permitting requirements
  • Due diligence services
  • Soil investigations
  • Vapor intrusion investigation and mitigation
  • Identification, management, and disposal of hazardous materials on site
  • Commercial and industrial property transactions

Key Personnel

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