Your trusted source of accredited chemical testing, mechanical testing, and equipment calibration services

Meeting today’s increasingly stringent product and materials specifications takes a testing partner you can trust. The Bowser-Morner Analytical Laboratory is an independent testing facility accredited to conduct chemical testing, mechanical testing, and calibration services by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), Certificate Number L2444 . We offer a wide spectrum of testing services for materials, products, metal alloys, and minerals to efficiently meet your quality assurance, quality control, and regulatory compliance needs.

Bowser-Morner offers a well-equipped Analytical Laboratory outfitted to meet your full spectrum of testing needs, from equipment calibration, to metallurgical testing, strength and durability testing, simulated environment testing, and more. No matter what we’re testing, we adhere to ASTM standards in addition to a wide array of industry specific test standards. And we follow our own industry-leading quality assurance and quality control procedures to consistently deliver the timely, accurate, and repeatable test results your business demands.

Beyond the hard data, our veteran specialists in chemistry, calibration, and mechanical testing methods can offer meaningful insights for leveraging your test results. As members of several industry leading trade associations, our staff of testing professionals are well-versed in a wide range of test procedures.

When you need dependable test results coupled with practical recommendations, trust Bowser-Morner to handle your analytical testing needs.

Key Personnel

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