Wetland assessment, permitting, and management services to meet your development needs

The environmental specialists at Bowser-Morner can answer these questions and deliver the wetland solutions you need. We offer comprehensive wetland services, beginning with determining the presence and quality of wetlands on site. Based on the results of the initial study, we can assist with obtaining and maintaining the required U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permitting for development, or with recommending and developing solutions for managing wetlands and surface water issues on your site. Our team can also help design and help implement programs for preserving, restoring, and monitoring wetlands.

Wetland services include:

  • Wetland assessments and delineations
  • Wetland restoration and monitoring
  • USACE permitting assistances
  • Nationwide permitting assistance, where applicable, to streamline and expedite the permitting process

Bank Stabilization, Stream Crossing, and Stream Relocation

If you own property that contains a stream or a creek, the Bowser-Morner team of engineers and environmental specialists can work together to recommend and design cost-effective solutions for stream crossings or relocations, depending on your development needs. Where needed, we can engineer bank stabilization solutions to improve site stability.

Our team can also help simplify and streamline the permitting process, applying for nationwide permits, where applicable, to facilitate development.