Special Inspections Expertise

Bowser-Morner has personnel approved to provide special inspections services needed to satisfy state and local building codes. We help project owners and engineers of record validate that their projects are being constructed in accordance with project requirements.

As an approved independent testing agency, Bowser-Morner offers the capabilities and expertise to help owners and design professionals comply with a wide range of building code requirements.

Our special inspection services include:

  • IBC 1704.2 Steel Fabrication – Audits of fabrication shops to assess their quality control and materials tracking procedures
  • IBC 1704.3 Steel Construction – Verification of field assembly procedures, including high strength bolts, welded assemblies, roof decking fasteners and shear studs
  • IBC 1704.4 Concrete Construction – Sampling and testing of structural concrete; Reinforcing steel (rebar) inspections for size, quality, grade, and placement; Verification of hot- and cold-weather curing practices
  • IBC 1704.5 Masonry Construction and IBC 1704.11 Vertical Masonry Foundation Elements – Verification of masonry materials and structural properties; Reinforcing steel inspection details; Verification of grouting conditions and practices
  • IBC 1704.6 Wood Construction – Verification of installation details for pre-fabricated wood assemblies, site-built assemblies and high load plywood diaphragms
  • IBC 1704.7 Earthwork and Shallow Foundations – Evaluations of subgrade stability; Earthwork compaction testing; Evaluations of foundation subgrade conditions
  • IBC 1704.8 Driven Deep Foundations – Driven pile installations records; Evaluation of acceptance criteria; Pile load test monitoring and analyses
  • IBC 1704.9 Cast-In-Place Deep Foundations – Drilled shaft and augercast pile installation monitoring; Evaluation of acceptance criteria; Load test monitoring and analyses
  • IBC 1704.10 Helical Piles and Specialty Foundations – Verification of installation details and acceptance criteria for helical piles and other specialty foundation systems (i.e. GeoPiers®, stone columns, pressure-treated wood foundations, etc.)
  • IBC 1704.12 Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials – Verification of spray fire-proofing thickness, density, adhesion/cohesion and installation conditions
  • IBC 1704.13 Mastic and Intumescent Fire-Resistant Coatings – Verification of application thickness and installation conditions

Upon the completion of special inspection services, Bowser-Morner will prepare and submit a Final Statement of Special Inspections for the designer of record and building official.

Key Personnel

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