Cross-trained = Effective and Efficient

Bowser-Morner field service technicians are cross-trained to inspect a variety of construction materials, minimizing the number of technicians needed to follow construction activities.

It is our corporate policy to see that every Bowser-Morner technician is cross-trained and able to sample and test multiple construction materials. This knowledge enables our staff to monitor multiple operations at the same time, reducing project costs. And, by understanding how one material process can affect the next, our technicians are frequently able to help the project team identify and head off potential problems before they impact the project schedule.

Structural Steel

Bowser-Morner steel technicians have specialized training in structural steel assemblies and visual weld inspection and are available to monitor steel construction and confirm compliance with ASTM, AISC and AWS standards, project plans and specifications. Testing capabilities include visual weld examinations, bolt torque verifications, determination of installation/inspecting torques, inspection of roofing fasteners and shear studs, and pull-testing of mechanical and epoxy anchors. Our engineering staff can also provide quality assurance audits of steel fabrication facilities.

Soils and Foundations

Bowser-Morner provides observation and testing of earthwork materials used to construct embankments, building and road subgrades, and to backfill utilities and foundation excavations. Our experienced technicians are adept at providing assistance to contractors to aid them adjusting their compaction techniques to meet project compaction requirements.

Bowser-Morner’s construction services team has expertise in many types of foundation systems, including shallow foundations, mat foundations, drilled shafts, driven and augercast piles, rammed aggregate and helical pier systems.

Concrete, Masonry and Grout

Bowser-Morner offers a wide range of materials quality control testing services for concrete, masonry and grout, as well as other construction quality control tests such as floor flatness and levelness testing and concrete moisture testing. Our staff holds multiple certifications by the American Concrete Institute, National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association and National Concrete Masonry Association. We also offer services to assess strength of in-place concrete structures in advance of steel erection activities. We have experience with a wide variety of specialty concrete and grout mixtures.


Bowser-Morner asphalt technicians are certified by the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform QA/QC tests at producers’ plants and on site. Field services include testing for nuclear density, monitoring asphalt temperatures, measuring mat thickness and core densities, and assisting contractors in the development of rolling patterns.

Specialized Services

Beyond typical steel, soils, and concrete, our technicians are also trained to perform tests on other construction materials and techniques.

Our quality assurance capabilities and expertise includes:

  • Testing of spray fireproofing and intumescent coatings
  • Verification of TPO roofing installation details
  • Roofing
  • Ultrasonic metal thickness testing
  • Paint thickness testing
  • Water line, sanitary sewer and storm sewer utility installation details

Key Personnel

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