Find out if your concrete is up to the task

The concrete specialists at Bowser-Morner offer comprehensive concrete testing to producers as well as designers, contractors, and engineers. Whether you make concrete or use it, we can give you confidence that your materials will get the job done.

Turn to the Bowser-Morner Construction Materials Testing Laboratory when you have questions about concrete quality or when you need help creating the right concrete mix for project specifications. Our concrete staff members are ACI certified and are active participants in the Ohio Ready Mixed Concrete Association (ORMCA), Illinois Ready Mix Concrete association (IRMCA), Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA), American Concrete Association (ACI), and ASTM Committee C9.  We have the skills and the knowledge to deliver concrete testing services you can trust.

Comprehensive concrete testing services.

Our certified concrete technicians perform a wide variety of routine and specialized strength and durability tests on fresh and hardened Portland cement concrete, including analyzing and determining index properties. Specific testing services include:

  • Concrete mix design and verification testing
  • USACE airfield pavement mix design and testing
  • Compressive strength testing
  • Splitting tensile testing
  • Flexural strength testing
  • Index property analysis (percent air, slump, and bleed value)
  • Expansion, shrinkage, and creep testing
  • Abrasion resistance testing
  • Durability/FT (freeze thaw) scaling
  • Chloride ion permeability testing
  • Alkali-silica mitigation testing
  • Alkali-carbonate mitigation testing
  • Petrographic examination testing
  • Modulus of elasticity testing
  • Admixture certification testing
  • Length change testing
  • Yield and unit weight testing
  • Pozzolanic activity testing

Key Personnel

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