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Learn what you need to know about how mineral aggregates are destined to perform

From mineral aggregates used in concrete and asphalt mixes, to filter media, to erosion stone, the specialists at Bowser-Morner are qualified to put all types of aggregates to virtually any type of test.

Whether you are an engineer or an aggregate producer, a contractor or a consulting geologist, or an authority with regulatory oversight, you have a vested interest in the performance of the mineral aggregates used in construction projects. You can trust the team of specially trained technicians, geologists, and petrographers at Bowser-Morner to give you the information you need.

Our specialists are active participants in eight state aggregate association technical committees as well as active members of ASTM Committees C9 (Concrete & Concrete Aggregates) and D4 (Asphalt & Asphalt Aggregates). Combined with our decades of experience with aggregate testing, we have the knowledge and know-how to thoroughly analyze and evaluate the aggregates you are buying or selling.

Comprehensive index, strength, and quality testing services for mineral aggregates used in concrete and asphalt mixes.

Maybe you need to know aggregate index properties to complete the volumetric design of ready-mixed or bituminous concrete. You could be looking for information on how the aggregate portion of the hardened concrete or compacted asphalt will withstand environmental stresses during freezing and thawing and wetting and drying cycles. Or if you work in an area with reactive aggregate deposits, you may need to know if and how aggregates will react with alkalis found in Portland cement.

Whatever your questions, the trained staff at Bowser-Morner can give you answers. Bowser-Morner performs all testing parameters listed in ASTM C33, the international standard specification for concrete aggregates. Testing services include:

  • Aggregate index property testing including specific gravity, rodded unit weight, and gradation
  • Soundness, abrasion, and freeze-thaw testing
  • “Alkali-silica reactivity, ASR” or “alkali-carbonate reactivity, ACR”, testing
  • Filter media (filter sand & gravels) are tested for quality in accordance with AWWA B100

Erosion stone testing services

In addition to smaller size aggregates used in concrete and asphalt mixes, Bowser-Morner has extensive experience testing erosion stone, also know as rip rap, jetty stone, or armor stone. Erosion stone testing concentrates on how macro-features in the stone—styolites, shale lenses, chert nodules, and others—affect the ability of individual stone pieces to hold together as a single unit during weathering cycles such as freeze-thaw and wet-dry. We also evaluate other important parameters, such as presence of clay minerals and density, to help determine the durability of erosion stone.

Additional services for aggregates

The aggregate specialists at the Bowser-Morner Construction Materials Testing Lab can assist with other related services including:

  • Evaluation of new or potential aggregate sites
  • Five-cycle sodium sulfate and LA Abrasion
  • Determination of deleterious particles
  • Light weight particles
  • Organic impurities
  • Clay lumps and friable particles
  • Scratch hardness and Moh's hardness
  • Specification compliance of base materials
  • Flat and elongated particles
  • Fine aggregate angularity analysis
  • Aglime analysis

Key Personnel

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