Industry-specific engineering solutions that protect the environment, public safety, and your operation

The civil engineering experts at Bower-Morner work with public and private facility owners in highly-regulated industries including waste disposal and water resources to engineer compliant solutions that meet the needs for public safety and industry needs alike.

At Bowser-Morner, we combine decades of market-specific engineering experience with in-depth knowledge of the complex regulatory environments governing the industries we serve. Our engineers hold seats on some of the most respected and relied upon regulatory associations overseeing our clients’ operations, and we often consult directly with environmental and public health organizations that enforce the rules. Our goal is to advocate for our clients’ best interest in the development of polices and procedures while always ensuring the needs of the public and the environment are protected and served.

As a result of our industry involvement and extensive experience, we can offer you reliable, cost-effective engineering solutions that can overcome regulatory hurdles, cut your permitting time by up to half, and ensure your ongoing compliance. Our local geological knowledge means we know how to overcome site-specific challenges quickly and affordably. Whether we are designing a hazardous waste disposal facility or a fresh water dam, Bowser-Morner is committed to proven engineering solutions that work for the good of the industry and the public.

Key Personnel

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