Construction phase materials consulting for a diverse range of issues

Whether you need engineering expertise to facilitate a construction process or you want solid recommendations for the quickest and most cost-effective resolution to challenges, Bowser-Morner’s consulting engineers are a trusted source of pragmatic advice and project support.

Bowser-Morner assists contractors with site constructability assessments and construction engineering services to minimize schedule delays due to wet soils, soft subgrade conditions and other challenges. We can also assist with excavation bracing designs, OSHA excavation plans, noise and vibration monitoring.

Subgrade Stabilization

Unlike other construction materials, soil properties may change dramatically throughout the course of a project. A long wet period can leave clayey soils too soft to support heavy construction vehicles and traffic. Severe winters can cause materials to freeze and heave. Bowser-Morner materials consultants can help you avoid delays due to soft soil by recommending solutions to stabilize the site, including chemical stabilization where appropriate. Our experts can sample the soil and recommend the appropriate chemical stabilization mix design to support unique site conditions. We can also assist in assessing constructability concerns in advance of sitework to help clients avoid unnecessary delays.

Excavation Plans

Bowser-Morner geotechnical engineers can develop OSHA-required plans for excavation bracing and temporary shoring needed to keep sites safe and protect workers during construction.

Vibration and Noise Monitoring

Humans tend to be much more sensitive than structures and as a result 3rd party damage claims can be problematic for many construction projects. Our consultants can assist with pre-construction property assessments to assess pre-existing conditions, and provide necessary monitoring services to ensure your construction work does not adversely affect nearby businesses and residential communities.

Failure Investigations

When materials and structures fail to live up to expectations, the experts at Bowser-Morner can help isolate and troubleshoot the causes. Our team can assist you in identifying and gathering the information needed to analyze the severity of the issue and work with your team to develop strategies for dealing with the problem.

Key Personnel

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