Your Quality Destination for Transportation Projects

Bowser-Morner’s technicians and laboratories are certified and prequalified to supply QA/QC services for Ohio Department of Transportation, FHWA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Federal Aviation Administration projects.

Local, state and federal transportation agencies are demanding clients and rightfully so. They spend a lot of money to provide facilities for the public welfare and need to ensure that the construction materials used on their projects meet their exacting standards. Bowser-Morner brings a wealth of experience with major highway, bridge, rail, and airfield projects. Our team has proven its capabilities across thousands and thousand of miles of pavements and structures, making us the smart choice for your next local, state or federally-funded transportation project.

Quality control/quality assurance services for Contractors.

Ohio and other state DOT specifications require the heavy highway contractor to provide quality control for key materials and construction processes. Bowser-Morner ‘s experienced group of construction materials technicians work on site and in tandem with the experts in our construction materials labs to provide complete QC/QA services for:

  • Concrete (per ODOT SS 898)
  • Asphalt density control with nuclear gauges (per ODOT Item 448)
  • Asphalt placement temperature and thickness monitoring
  • Asphalt coring for thickness, density and compaction verification
  • Compaction of soil and aggregates used for embankments, pavement subgrades, mechanically stabilized earth walls and utilities (per ODOT Item 611 and ODOT SS 878, SS 879, and S 1015)
  • Chemical stabilized subgrades and embankments (per ODOT S 1120)

Quality control services for Materials Suppliers.

Aggregate, asphalt and concrete suppliers turn to Bowser-Morner to supplement their regular quality control operations and verify that the materials they supply to transportation projects meet the requirements of the regulatory agency. These services can include:

Asphalt Production

  • Technician services for in-plant production quality control testing
  • Verification of aggregate properties and gradations
  • Monitoring of asphalt temperatures and loading and handling procedures

Aggregate Production

  • Sampling and testing of aggregate products to verify compliance with agency requirements
  • Independent verification of appropriate stockpiling, handling and load-out procedures
  • Evaluation of aggregates for alkali-silica reactivity and freeze-thaw durability requirements

Concrete Production

  • Development and/or verification of mix design proportions to meet agency and project requirements
  • Plant quality control testing services to verify the properties of the concrete as shipped or received on site
  • Verification of concrete aggregate quality properties
  • Verification of concrete performance properties
  • NRMCA plant inspections of temporary and permanent facilities

Quality assurance and quality control services for local public agencies.

Local transportation agencies receiving state and/or federal funding are frequently mandated (as a condition of the funding) to provide quality assurance for their projects to verify that the materials utilized meet the project requirements. However, many local agencies do not in-house technical capability to fulfill these quality assurance duties, and in these cases, they turn to Bowser-Morner to provide the required earthwork, concrete and asphalt quality assurance testing.

Our in-plant and on-the-job materials testing and monitoring services help ensure that the earthwork, concrete, asphalt and other materials are produced and placed in compliance with specifications so that the finished project will perform according to design expectations.

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