Expert support for selecting, testing, and ensuring the quality of the concrete on your job

The Bowser-Morner materials consulting team includes experts in concrete that can help ensure your concrete performs reliably and meets the needs of the project and the project owner for years to come.

From mix design through concrete placement and ongoing performance, trust Bowser-Morner consultants to ensure the success of the concrete on your job site.

Concrete Mix Design Development

Whether you need a minimal-slump mix for a slip-formed paving application or a shrinkage-compensating mix for concrete floor slabs, Bowser-Morner concrete consultants can help you select the concrete constituents and mix proportions appropriate for your application and planned placement techniques. We can also complete any required pre-construction testing and demonstrate that proposed mix designs meet project requirements.

Concrete Plant Certifications

Our staff includes certified concrete plant inspectors that can help both temporary and permanent concrete plants achieve the NRMCA certification required for many DOT and industrial clients.

Mass Concrete

Mass concrete (placements over three feet thick) can present special challenges, and many DOT and industrial clients require mass concrete analyses and thermal protection plans to ensure that the excess heat generated by these large placements does not result in damage to these structures. The specialists at Bowser-Morner can provide mass concrete analysis including evaluation of concrete mix components, placement temperatures and curing techniques and protection procedures and provide customized thermal protection plans to avoid common problems with heat dissipation in mass concrete.

Concrete Maturity Testing

Pre-placement testing can be provided to predict the strength versus maturity relationship of concrete mixes. Once these strength-maturity curves are developed, the approximate in-place strength of concrete placements can be determined at any time by monitoring the temperature of the concrete, allowing you to make important decisions about loading the structure.

Key Personnel

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