Michelle C. Torres, M.S.

Michelle Torres is an Assitant Manager and geologist in the Bowser-Morner Environmental Services Group.  She has been with Bowser-Morner since 2013 providing both field and office environmental services.  In the field, she conducts groundwater and surface water sampling, oversees monitoring well installations, generates well logs, conducts monitoring well development, and performs other well investigations such as slug testing and down-hole camera inspections.  In the office, she manages the sampling schedule, assists in the analysis of field and laboratory data, and generates project reports.  Since starting with Bowser-Morner, Michelle has been involved in leading one landfill client through the assessment process and into compliance monitoring. 

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology and Environmental Studies from Oberlin College (2010) and a Master of Science degree from the Ohio State University in Hydrogeology (2012).  She is an active member of the National Ground Water Association.  While at the Ohio State University, Michelle completed her Master’s thesis on a study of paleokarst in Ohio titled, “Origins and Characteristics of Two Paleokarst Zones in Northwest and Central Ohio.”  She was awarded the “Outstanding Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award” for her presentation on her graduate research at the North-Central Section Geological Society of America Meeting in 2012.  Michelle has also been recognized for excellence in teaching as a Teaching Assistant at the Ohio State University.  Michelle loves science and likes to find ways to relay scientific information in a way that is accessible to all audiences.

Prior to her career with Bowser-Morner, Michelle interned as a field geologist/cave guide with the National Park Service at the Oregon Caves National Monument.  While in that position, she conducted research on the origins of glacial sediment deposits in the caves and on the slope failure risk for the parking lot area at the national monument, in addition to leading daily guided cave tours. 

Michelle enjoys spending her free time reading or visiting family and friends.

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Bowser-Morner, Inc. was hired by Scott's C&D Landfill to prepare a license application for the proposed expansion of the landfill and provide technical support for the routine landfill operations. The landfill expansion crossed the jurisdictional boundaries of two separate licensing authorities, which required approval from both the Columbus Public Health and Franklin County Health Departments. Bowser-Morner worked with each of the Health Departments to develop an expansion that increases the life of the facility by nearly 20 years. Read More