Michelle Murrin, M.S.

Michelle Murrin, M.S.

Environmental Scientist - Drone Pilot E: mmurrin@bowser-morner.com

Michelle Murrin is an Environmental Scientist in the Department of Engineering and Environmental Services. She received her B.S in Environmental Biology at the University of Dayton in 2020 and her M.S. Biology from Miami University in 2022.  For her Master’s thesis, she studied how dissolved organic matter protects a zooplankton organism from ultraviolet radiation in a lake in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Michelle is set to become BMI’s resident wetlands specialist. This July 2023 certification (plus field work) means she is studying vegetation, soil, hydrology indicators, and more to delineate (or determine the boundary) of wetlands. She uses GPS to mark the boundary, then provides a current map to our customer showing the wetland boundary.

Michelle is also a drone pilot.  Her skills enable Bowser-Morner to meet our client's needs for topographic mapping, imaging, and construction grade calculations. 

Michelle joined Bowser-Morner in October of 2022 and will be working on various environmental projects including landfill development and groundwater and surface water sampling. 

Michelle enjoys being outdoors, and you can often find her hiking, biking, or identifying plants and birds. Other hobbies include playing the flute, watching the Steelers (lose this year) or trying to convince people that Delaware (the state, where she grew up) exists.