Remediation services to address contamination and restore sites

Whether you are cleaning up your site voluntarily or in order to comply with a regulatory mandate, Bowser-Morner can help. Our site remediation services are designed to address contaminants in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

If hazardous materials or other contamination have been identified on your site, you have a responsibility to protect the public and the environment by taking the appropriate steps to remediate the problems. Bowser-Morner offers a menu of services to help you identify and implement a practical and effective approach to remediation.

Feasibility and Corrective Measure Studies

The Bowser-Morner environmental team will conduct a sequence of studies designed to identify the extent and severity of site contamination along with feasible solutions and corrective measures needed for remedying specific environmental problems on your site.

Remediation Systems Design and Operations

Based on feasibility and corrective measure study results, our consultants will recommend and develop the appropriate course of action for your property. The Bowser-Morner team can implement the step-by-step remediation work plan, including monitoring and verification of all actions and construction documentation, to aid in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Site Closure

Should a site containing hazardous materials, such as a hazardous waste landfill, require closure, Bowser-Morner consultants can assist with validating that the closure procedures adhere to regulatory requirements. We can create RCRA closure plans that help protect the environment and public health.

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