A trusted resource for geotechnical expertise

Few aspects of construction are more susceptible to cost overruns and schedule delays than earthwork and foundations. It is vital to have a trusted partner to help you identify and manage the subsurface issues most likely to impact your project.

Experienced builders, designers and owners routinely involve Bowser-Morner early in the planning and design of projects to gain:

  • Early review of earthwork and subsurface issues likely to impact the project,
  • Lower overall project costs due to better subsurface investigation and laboratory scopes that allow for better identification and analysis of key concerns,
  • Practical recommendations for foundation and pavement systems to limit unforeseeable expenses,
  • Improved schedule compliance through the use of soil stabilization technologies to avoid unanticipated delays,
  • Insight gathered from our comprehensive soil boring database and lessons learned from thousands of projects in the Midwest over the past 45 years.

Whether your project involves a new site, an expansion of an existing facility, or an investigation of the failure of a foundation or pavement system, you can count on Bowser-Morner’s talented team of geotechnical engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and civil engineers to assist you.

Key Personnel

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