Engineering expertise for every stage of your waste disposal facility

Bowser-Morner ranks as one of the Midwest’s leading consulting engineering firms in the design, permitting, compliance, and monitoring of industrial and municipal waste disposal facilities. Our team actively consults on more than a dozen sites, providing ongoing expertise for each facility’s specific needs.

From initial site selection through the final closure of a landfill, the Bowser-Morner engineering team offers end-to-end services throughout the lifecycle of your waste disposal facility. Because we’ve engineered dozens of landfills, and because we’ve worked with many waste disposal facility owners for 20 years or more, we understand exactly what it takes to meet your operational needs at each stage of landfill development. We focus on keeping you compliant and profitable while protecting the environment and public safety at the same time.

You can trust Bowser-Morner for comprehensive engineering solutions for:

  • Construction and demolition debris landfills
  • Industrial solid waste facilities
  • Municipal solid waste facilities
  • Transfer stations
  • Compost facilities

Our engineers have also worked with numerous other industrial waste facilities involving paper sludge, utility ash, refinery sludge, and similar materials.

Landfill Design, Permitting, and Construction

Bowser-Morner engineers specialize in the site selection and design of waste disposal facilities of all types. We work closely with landfill owners to identify the right location for new facilities and to streamline the permitting process. Then we engineer solutions that help you achieve regulatory compliance while reducing your build-out time and costs. Our experts will be onsite during construction of your waste management facility to ensure designs are implemented to specification and that your compliance, reporting, and operational needs are met.

Our services include:

  • Site selection and evaluation
  • Hydrogeological site investigations
  • Waste disposal facility design
  • Landfill permitting
  • Construction monitoring, testing, documentation, and certification

Landfill Maintenance

Your waste disposal facility likely has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years or more. Bowser-Morner can partner with you throughout the life of your landfill to provide monitoring and maintenance services and to design and implement the most cost-effective remediation plans as needed. Our goal is to help you maintain ongoing compliance while continuing to effectively and efficiently meet your operational needs.

Landfill maintenance and monitoring services include:

  • Modifications and expansions to existing facilities as required by regulations or operational needs
  • Collection and monitoring of leachate
  • Groundwater sampling and assessment monitoring
  • Design of surface water management solutions
  • Hydrogen sulfide monitoring and remedial design
  • Explosive gas monitoring and reporting
  • Permitting associated with ongoing landfill construction, including air permits, leachate permits, and NPDES permits
  • Annual licensing
  • Recycling and beneficial use recycling to maximize the value of materials coming into your landfill

Key Personnel

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