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03.14.24 | Tracey Hanlin

Bowser-Morner cosmetics? It was a thing.

From the vault! Read More

Measuring Shear Wave Velocity and Its Benefits

Bowser-Morner provides extensive geotechnical investigation services to its clients, including shear-wave velocity testing. This test method saves our clients substantial time and cost. Read More

01.12.18 | Katherine Beach

Phase I ESAs: Taking the Scenic Route Through Greene County, Ohio

As with most American families, my holidays are steeped in tradition. One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is to put the turkey in the oven and then go out for a bike ride. This year’s ride brought back memories of a series of intense Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) that I participated in during 1989 - 1990. These projects were conducted for Greene County Recreation and Parks District and were noted for their national significance under the Federal Highway Transportation Bill. Bowser-Morner, Inc. (BMI) completed Phase I ESAs on the H-Connector and the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Read More

11.02.17 | Katherine Beach

What’s Up With the Regulation of Asbestos in Ohio?

Responsibilities attributed to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) are currently regulated by OAC 3701-34. However, these responsibilities are expected to be transferred to the Ohio EPA on January 1, 2018. This centralization of the asbestos program is designed to make compliance easier for the regulated community. Some of the more noteworthy changes are discussed here. Read More
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10.24.17 | Dawn M. Coleman

What Exactly is a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and When Might You Need to Do One?

We’ve previously talked about why a client would want to invest time and resources into conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), but is there a next step? The answer depends on the findings of the Phase I ESA. Read More

03.13.17 | Dawn M. Coleman

Are Phase I Environmental Site Assessments Really Necessary?

Our customers often ask, “Why do I need a Phase I ESA? Is it really worth the additional expense and time?”. Here, we provide a “real life” experience that helps answer these questions and give the customer some perspective. Read More
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Bowser-Morner Recognized by ACIL for its Commitment to Independence in Laboratory Testing

Bowser-Morner licensed by ACIL as a truly independent testing laboratory. Read More