Independent construction materials QA/QC expertise to help you safeguard your investment

Construction materials QA/QC testing is a cost-effective way to measure whether the materials and construction techniques used on your project meet your design requirements. For a small percentage of the total construction cost, Bowser-Morner materials experts can supply an unbiased evaluation of construction activities and help you navigate the real world issues that can affect your time and budget constraints.

Bowser-Morner’s construction services team has experience providing QA/QC work across a broad spectrum of project types, industries, and levels of complexity. Time and again, project owners and contractors turn to us to for an unbiased independent evaluation of their projects. They appreciate our collaborative approach and sensible, realistic guidance that helps contain risks and keep projects on schedule.

Our goal is to forge a trusted partnership with every client, and to treat every project, regardless of size, as critical to our mutual success. This approach guides us to deliver consistent quality service and recommendations that are appropriate to our clients needs.

When tests fail, we don’t just deliver the bad news. Our technicians and engineering staff will work with you to help resolve problems on site quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to identify pragmatic, cost-effective resolutions that promote a satisfactory outcome while respecting your budget and timeline.

Whether QA/QC testing is mandated by project owner, the designer, or stipulated by building code or government officials, you can trust Bowser-Morner’s team to supply testing results that you can trust.

Key Personnel

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