Identify potential environmental concerns before you invest

The environmental specialists and geologists at Bowser-Morner offer comprehensive due diligence services that can help you make a sound real estate investment while protecting your organization from future liability.

According to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) or “Superfund," the only way purchasers of real estate can protect their organizations from future liabilities associated with environmental hazards on a site is to complete a due diligence environmental site assessment.

At Bowser-Morner, our specialists have extensive experience assisting industrial organizations, attorneys, lending institutions, real estate firms, and various governmental agencies with the purchase, sale, and transfer of property. By taking advantage of our due diligence and environmental site assessment services, you can make a more informed investment. And you can better plan for how to address environmental conditions on your site.

Environmental Assessments

Bowser-Morner environmental specialists have the skills and expertise to complete various phases of environmental assessments, including:

  • Phase I Site Assessment—Our team completes a physical site investigation of the property including building surveys, as well a thorough search of environmental records to obtain information of public record. We delineate potential areas of environmental concern and can identify problems such as spills, surface and groundwater contamination, buried tanks, and vapor intrusion. If our experts suspect the presence of contaminants or vapor intrusion, we will recommend a Phase II Site Assessment.
  • Phase II Site Assessment—Bowser-Morner can design and implement a sampling and analysis program for any suspect areas found during the Phase I Site Assessment. As part of this more comprehensive assessment, we leverage in-house expertise to complete:
  • Sampling and monitoring of buildings and grounds
  • Subsurface exploration including soil sampling and monitoring well installation
  • Chemical and physical analysis of soil, water, and building materials
  • Vapor intrusion testing

Site Characterization

As part of our due diligence process, the Bowser-Morner team will identify the location of potential environmental hot spots on your site and define for you the potential restrictions or considerations you should evaluate before investing. In addition to characterizing the site, our experts will recommend strategies for moving forward with development. Site characterization can help you understand your risks and make an informed decision and a sound investment.

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