Facility Management Support Services

When it’s time to expand, renovate, or rehabilitate existing facilities, owners turn to Bowser-Morner to take advantage of our local subsurface knowledge and our comprehensive materials consulting and design capabilities.

Consultations and Investigations

Bowser-Morner’s in-house database of soil exploration studies, geologic maps and historical area and facility maps can be a significant resource for facility managers. This information can be extremely valuable during preliminary planning, siting, and budgeting of projects.

Facility Analysis and Evaluations

Our experts are often called upon to provide strategic advice on the current condition of existing facilities, structures, and equipment foundations. Our services provide insights to guide redevelopment and rehabilitation efforts while facilitating cost-effective and timely solutions for your business.

Pavement Management and Rehabilitation

Facility managers are often responsible for maintenance and upkeep of large paved areas. Our consultants can provide condition assessments and guidance to assist facility managers in prioritizing pavement rehabilitation needs. Our team works with facility owners to deliver strategies for maximizing the lifespan of your pavement systems.

Plant Renovation Foundation Design Services

Many times projects involve renovation of an existing structure to accommodate a new process line, equipment, or activity while the production facility remains in operation. Bowser-Morner geotechnical engineers are experienced at working with project and plant production staff to understand the processes involved and to help the team minimize the impact of the new construction on existing operations.

Our services in these cases may include:

  • Foundation design for the new structures or equipment
  • Excavation bracing design for new pit structures Design of temporary foundations to support existing processes while renovations are being accomplished
  • Design of underpinning and dewatering systems to facilitate excavations
  • Investigation and identification of existing foundation sizes, materials and material properties
  • Vibration and settlement monitoring

Key Personnel

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