Stay in compliance with the state and federal agencies regulating your industry

Industries face an increasingly complex number of local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Bowser-Morner's engineering and environmental consulting services can guide you through the confusing regulatory maze and keep you compliant in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

If your business is like most, you have a sincere interest in doing the right thing to protect the environment and public health. But you want to do it in a way that makes the most sense for your bottom line and your business. That’s where Bowser-Morner can help.

Our skilled environmental consultants work with you to simplify regulatory compliance issues and provide cost-effective, environmentally-sound designs and solutions that meet regulatory requirements as well as business needs.

Because our staff holds seats of some of the most respected compliance and regulatory associations governing our clients’ industries, we not only know the rules; we can often influence policies and procedures with your best interests in mind. Our goal is to ultimately protect the environment without putting undue restraints or constrictions on the way our clients do business.

Regulatory Management System Development

Bowser-Morner can create policies and procedures for compliance with EPA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, OSHA, EPCRA, and other regulations that impact your business.

Our consultants start by helping your business identify the regulations with which you must comply along with any permits your business requires. From there, our team can assist with:

  • Regulatory compliance audits, testing, sampling, and reporting
  • Preparing and monitoring stormwater pollution prevention plans
  • Annual hazardous waste reports
  • Spill prevention control and countermeasure plans
  • Visible emission testing

Permitting Assistance

Our first-hand knowledge of regulatory requirements combined with our geotechnical engineering expertise means we can often reduce permitting time by recommending effective designs. Our engineers and environmental consultants can help with preparing and submitting applications for air and water permits, including designs, drawings, and forms.

Typical permitting includes:

  • Industrial discharge into sewers
  • Stormwater run-off controls
  • Waste disposal facilities
  • RCRA closure plans

Liaison with Regulatory Agencies

Bowser-Morner consultants frequently serve as a liaison between our clients and regulatory agencies. Our solid relationships with the agencies allow us to support our clients’ best interests while still adhering to important environmental safeguards and promoting public health. We can also represent your business at public hearings and provide additional support as needed to assist with the permitting process.

Key Personnel

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