Forensic geotechnical and materials failure investigation services

It happens. Foundations, pavement systems, and other building components can fail to live up to expectations. Property may be damaged or worse yet, people may be injured. Third parties may claim damages due to the alleged impact of your operations or construction activities, when in fact, your operations had little or nothing to do with their perceived problem. When these situations arise, you need a trusted, competent partner to help analyze these issues and help you work through the problem.

Bowser-Morner’s skilled team of geotechnical engineers and materials consultants is experienced in working with parties impacted by failures and damage claims.

Our broad knowledge of construction, manufacturing, and industrial processes, coupled with our years of experience analyzing local subsurface conditions and materials allows our experts to isolate the root causes, assess their likely impact on the situation, and provide engineering solutions for preventing similar system failures down the road.

Forensic services offered include evaluation and investigation of:

  • Foundation settlements, tilting, or failure
  • Retaining wall failures
  • Slope or embankment failures
  • Pavement failures
  • Damage of structures and pavements due to utility installation
  • Sheetpile and dock bulkhead failures
  • Insurance claims
  • Failure of structural components

Key Personnel

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