Jeff Arp

Jeff Arp is a Senior Hydrogeologist in Bowser-Morner’s Environmental Services Group.  He has more than 30 years of environmental experience investigating, assessing, and remediating groundwater related issues at waste disposal, manufacturing, mining, and municipal and private well fields.  Jeff graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in geology and mineralogy with a focus on hydrogeology and igneous and metamorphic petrology.   He received recognition from the Geology and Mineralogy Department for his senior research thesis, “An investigation to locate and correct errors in the card file prepared by the Joint Committee on Powder Diffraction Standards (JCPDS)”.  Jeff continued his education in hydrogeology and Karst Hydrogeology at The Ohio State University (1986-1987) and Western Kentucky University (1992).

Jeff’s areas of expertise include: Source contaminant analyses and groundwater quality evaluation; Aquifer pumping test analyses; Hydrogeologic Site Characterization; Basin-wide and local water level and water quality investigations; Well design, construction, testing, comprehensive well assessments, and well rehabilitation; Groundwater Dewatering and Modeling; Underground Storage Tank Removal and Remedial Actions; Phase II Environmental Site Assessments; Seismic Studies; Design, pilot testing, and installation of groundwater remediation systems; Evaluation of  hydromechanical and solute transport processes in Karst environments by means of dye tracer;  Water Resources Evaluation; and, Litigation support. 

His years of experience, hydrogeologic knowledge, and regulatory relationships support successful conclusions to complex hydrogeologic projects.  Using his knowledge and relationships, Jeff completed the first assessment of a C&DD in the State of Ohio and also gained approval for the first compliance monitoring program for the same site. 

Jeff is a member of several karst research organizations including the Cave Research Foundation.  He has over 40 years of experience in exploration, mapping, and research of cave systems throughout North America.  As a “joint-venturer” with the Cave Research Foundation he assisted in over 100 exploration/mapping/documentation expeditions into remote sections of the Mammoth Cave System.  He also volunteers his time to guiding scouts and scientific clubs into wild caves to teach the participants about the complex and fragile nature of these systems.  

Jeff loves sciences and the outdoors and divides his time between guiding students and friends through the universe with his high-quality telescope collection, backpacking in wilderness areas across North America, and “Caving” in Kentucky, West Virginia, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and California. 

  • Environmental Services
  • Site Remediation
  • Regulatory Compliance Services
  • Groundwater Modeling & Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Brownfield Services
  • Statistical Evaluation
  • Geophysical Studies

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Bowser-Morner's Hydrogeologic Knowledge Guides C&DD Faclity Through Assessment Process

Bowser-Morner designed and developed an Assessment Plan that met the regulatory requirements for determining rate, extent, and concentration of debris-derived constituents in the groundwater while maintaining the flexibility to identify alternate sources associated with the site’s hydrogeology. The Fairfield County Department of Health approved the plan with minor revisions pursuant to an August 27, 2010 Inter-Office Memorandum from the Ohio EPA. Read More

Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill - Underground Mine Stabilization Program

Stark C&D Disposal is a licensed construction and demolition debris (C&DD) landfill located in East Canton, Stark County, Ohio. Due to former mining operations at the site, soils characterized as cut and fill and strip mine spoil occupy various portions of the site. When the facility owners planned to expand operations, they contacted Bowser-Morner to assist them with the technical expertise in developing and implementing a program to stabilize the underground mines beneath the planned expansion areas as required by rule. Read More