Expert assistance to help secure federal funding

It is to your advantage to be proactive when it comes to securing federal funding for your project. The environmental specialists at Bowser-Morner can help. We offer comprehensive research and field observation services that support compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and can help make your project eligible for Federal funding.

Bowser-Morner’s senior environmental specialists have extensive experience assisting architectural and civil engineering companies, industrial organizations, and various state and local governmental agencies with the consulting services needed to evaluate if a proposed project will impact:

  • Public lands like parks, monuments, wildlife areas, and/or recreation areas
  • Ecological resources like threatened and endangered species, wooded areas, wetlands, creeks, or streams
  • Cultural resources like buildings, structures, historic and prehistoric remains, cemeteries, and/or burial sites
  • Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Act areas like 100 Year Floodplains
  • Resource Conservation Recovery Act hazardous waste disposal areas like state licensed hazardous waste landfills