Karl A. Fletcher

Karl is the Vice President and Director of Laboratory Services for Bowser-Morner, Inc.  He has more than 26 years of experience in construction materials and geotechnical laboratory testing.

 Karl is responsible for technical and operational oversight of the Construction Materials and Geotechnical laboratories headquartered in Dayton, OH as well as satellite labs located in Toledo, OH and Springfield, IL. Additional labs under his direction include the Analytical Services Laboratory that performs chemistry, calibration, and mechanical testing services and the Radon Reference Laboratory that performs tests and calibrations of radon monitoring devices.

 He is responsible for oversight of technical and operational matters, approval of reports, budgets and sales, customer satisfaction and other quality related issues.  He is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the company's quality management system and accreditation programs such as ISO/IEC 17025, AASHTO R18, USACE Validation, and ANAB.

Karl began his career with Bowser-Morner in 1997 in the summers as a high school intern.  In 2002, he began attending Bowling Green State University and continued to work in the construction materials laboratory for Bowser-Morner's Toledo, OH office.  He returned to the Dayton, OH construction materials laboratory in 2005 and worked in steadily progressive positions including Supervisor of the Geotechnical Laboratory, Assistant Department Manager, and in 2012 Department Manager.  In 2022, Karl was promoted to his current position.

Karl is an active member of various organizations including subcommittees in ASTM C07, C09, D04, & D18, TRB Committee AKM80, NSSGA Engineering & Technical, and numerous state aggregate and concrete trade association technical committees.

Karl has experience in managing projects of diverse scope, including geotechnical testing programs for nuclear site assessments in the US and internationally, USACE military airfield concrete materials and mix design study, FAA concrete materials and mix design evaluation, and high-performance concrete testing for precast concrete applications, including Tappen Zee Bridge, Harlem River Bridge, and Ohio River Bridges projects. 

After work you can likely find Karl with his family and two dogs.  He enjoys escaping to the wilderness for hunting and fishing adventures as often as possible. 

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