Tracey Hanlin

Tracey Hanlin

Marketing Manager E:

Tracey Hanlin has enjoyed wearing a variety of marketing hats throughout her career.  She has worked for non-profits, for-profits, in healthcare, printing, education, and in her own artisan jewelry business.  As a writer, designer, social media specialist and event guru, Tracey’s wide variety of experience in marketing tasks makes her uniquely qualified to craft and deliver the Bowser-Morner message.

She graduate from The Ohio State University before it was "THE" and spent much of her time there involved in a number of organizations.  She also worked at the Ohio State House as a ghostwriter for senators and representatives. 

One of her favorite parts of joining Bowser-Morner is working on the Events Committee to coordinate internal events, contests and charitable initiatives among employees. 

When not at Bowser-Morner, Tracey can be found digging in her garden, at music concerts at Veteran’s Park in Springfield, or relaxing on her porch with her two kitties, Tiny and Polly. 

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