Dawn M. Coleman

Dawn Coleman serves as a Senior Geologist in Bowser-Morner’s Environmental Services Group where she has more than 25 years of environmental experience performing and managing environmental due-diligence and investigative projects throughout the United States. She is also the qualified groundwater scientist in charge of developing sampling plans and managing groundwater-monitoring projects for most of Bowser-Morner’s construction and demolition-debris landfill clients.  Dawn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Dayton.

Dawn is accredited as an asbestos inspector and management planner in Ohio, and is OSHA-certified in supervision of hazardous waste operations and emergency response. Dawn has been a team leader for numerous complex asbestos projects including those at wastewater treatment plants, commercial and industrial facilities, schools, universities, and more.  She enjoys partnering with business owners, prospective buyers, and facility managers to understand their project objectives and identify their environmental and business risks. Dawn strives to understand the key components involved in each project while being mindful of the client’s budget when ultimately assisting them in developing solutions that are cost effective and the best fit for the project.

Since returning to work for Bowser-Morner in 2000, Dawn has progressed from providing environmental field services to becoming a key resource for design and implementation of complex environmental-study strategies and managing asbestos-assessment projects.  

In her spare time, Dawn enjoys gardening and walking the back country roads with her dogs. She also is an avid reader and has a passion for animal rescue and adoption.

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10/24/2017 | Dawn M. Coleman

What Exactly is a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and When Might You Need to Do One?
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3/13/2017 | Dawn M. Coleman

Are Phase I Environmental Site Assessments Really Necessary?
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Bowser-Morner's Hydrogeologic Knowledge Guides C&DD Faclity Through Assessment Process

Bowser-Morner designed and developed an Assessment Plan that met the regulatory requirements for determining rate, extent, and concentration of debris-derived constituents in the groundwater while maintaining the flexibility to identify alternate sources associated with the site’s hydrogeology. The Fairfield County Department of Health approved the plan with minor revisions pursuant to an August 27, 2010 Inter-Office Memorandum from the Ohio EPA. Read More

Bowser-Morner Implements Vapor Intrusion Mitigation at South Dayton Dump Landfill

The South Dayton Dump Landfill, a former industrial waste landfill that operated from the 1940s until 1996, accepted municipal, commercial, industrial and residual wastes and construction and demolition (C&D) debris. Bowser-Morner, Inc. (BMI) prepared the Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Work Plan and associated Health and Safety Plan for Valley Asphalt South Dayton Dump Landfill in 2013. Read More