Bowser-Morner Recognized by ACIL for its Commitment to Independence in Laboratory Testing

Bowser-Morner Recognized by ACIL for its Commitment to Independence in Laboratory Testing

07.20.16 | Richard L. Allen, PE


Bowser-Morner, Inc. was recently licensed by the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL), as a truly independent testing laboratory via ACIL’s Independence Mark (I-Mark) program.

Founded in 1937, ACIL is the premier trade association of independent laboratories in the United States.  ACIL’s I-Mark program monitors a laboratory’s ability to identify and eliminate situations which may create conflicts of interest, and also confirms that the large majority of its services are for clients which have no financial relationship with the laboratory outside of fees paid for professional services.

Testing by an independent laboratory, often referred to as third-party testing, is a common advertising claim that asserts the test results are objective and free from the influence, guidance or control of interested parties. According to Steve Bowser, President and CEO of Bowser-Morner, “Bowser-Morner sees the ACIL Independence Mark program as a way to differentiate ourselves from those who may profess independence, but are truly not.  We believe our customers will see added value in this program.”

Laboratories that are I-Mark licensed by ACIL are granted permission to display the independence logo, shown below as an example, in their reports to clients. When you see this mark on your reports, you know that you are working with a truly independent testing laboratory.

Bowser-Morner, an ACIL Charter Member and a leader in analytical and construction materials laboratory testing services, was founded in 1911 and initially offered analysis of cement, coal, oil, iron and steel, the primary industrial materials of that age. More than 100 years since its founding, Bowser-Morner has continually grown and adapted to meet its clients’ changing needs for reliable materials-related information and solutions. Today, Bowser-Morner offers a wide range of independent laboratory services with disciplines ranging from radon, chemical, product and mechanical testing to equipment calibration, and from geotechnical and construction materials to industrial minerals testing.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Bowser-Morner has offices and laboratories in Toledo, Ohio and Springfield, Illinois.

If you would like to learn more about ACIL and the value of independent testing, click here.


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