International Paper Distribution Center: Bowser-Morner's Turnkey Services Critical to Meeting Expedited Timeline

Bowser-Morner was contracted for turnkey environmental due diligence and geotechnical soil exploration services during development of a 300,000 square-foot International Paper Distribution Center in Kenton, Ohio.  A Phase I ESA, wetland delineation, and cultural resources study were completed to evaluate whether the previously-undeveloped agricultural site was suitable for the new facility with rail access that required a stream crossing.  Following completion of the wetland and cultural resource studies, a 404 Application was submitted to and subsequently approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, without objection from any other involved state agencies.  Our client was able to proceed with construction without delays.  During the construction phase, Bowser-Morner also provided field observation and construction materials testing services for the new facility. 


Bowser-Morner was able to provide a complete turnkey package of services throughout design and construction on an expedited timeline.  With our project partners, we were able to avoid potential delays associated with environmental evaluations of the project site, help our client navigate environmental regulations, and ultimately satisfy state and federal regulatory agencies that the distribution center would not cause impairment to the environment or natural and historical resources.