Scott's C&D Landfill: Increasing Capacity While Decreasing Development and Operational Costs

Project Background

The Scott’s C&D Landfill (Scott) has operated this Columbus Ohio site as a licensed C&DD landfill since 1997 as a favorite of the local construction and demolition (C&D) industry.  Like many pioneers in this field, Scott has been a family owned and managed operation and has always looked for opportunities to provide great service to their clients while implementing improvements to their operations.

Project Approach

In 2006, Bowser-Morner, Inc. (BMI) was hired by Scott to prepare a license application for the proposed expansion of the landfill and provide technical support for the routine landfill operations.  The landfill expansion crossed the jurisdictional boundaries of two separate licensing authorities, which required approval from both the Columbus Public Health and Franklin County Health Departments.  Bowser-Morner worked with each of the Health Departments to develop an expansion that increases the life of the facility by nearly 20 years.   Through significant collaborative efforts with the two health departments and the Ohio EPA, Bowser-Morner was successful in obtaining approval of several exemptions and variances that helped improve operations and reduce development costs.   BMI identified several opportunities to reduce development costs and improve operations of the landfill as business tripled in a four-year period from 2013 through 2017.

Project Solutions – Value Added During Construction

In addition to accepting construction and demolition (C&D) debris, Scott had allowed contractors to bring in clean soil from off-site sources.  Historically, these soils were used only as routine cover over the exposed debris.  BMI provided training and guidance to the site personnel to readily identify the incoming soil and direct the material to the location most advantageous for its current or future use.  Clayey soils are stockpiled for cap construction and cell development.  Topsoil is stockpiled for cap construction.  Clean hardfill and general fill soils are strategically deposited at locations to facilitate the development of future cell construction. Asphalt grindings and gravels are stockpiled for future road development and unloading pads within the active landfill.   Upon implementation of BMI’s recommendations, the owner quickly realized savings due to more efficient material handling, as well as the additional and very significant benefit of not having to purchase the construction materials.  These savings were so significant that the site was able to purchase additional equipment that allowed them to perform their own construction, rather than hiring a contractor to do the work, generating even more savings.  

 BMI demonstrated the use of shredded tires as an alternative to aggregate leachate drainage layer.  The beneficial use of shredded tires provides an alternative to disposal at a fraction of the cost of natural or crushed aggregates.

Project Solutions – Value Added For Operations

The following are some examples of how Bowser-Morner has assisted in improving and reducing the costs associated with general operations: 

  • Bowser-Morner prepared an Alternative Fire Prevention Plan and obtained approval from both licensing authorities to reduce the required soil cover from weekly to monthly.
  • Bowser-Morner developed a leachate recirculation program that significantly reduces the costs associated with the disposal of leachate while improving compaction, reducing fugitive dust and reducing the potential for fires.
  • Strategically directing incoming soil to appropriate locations to minimize the handling and transportation of soils for their intended construction purpose.
  • Routine monitoring of compaction ratio using Drone aerial mapping technology to optimize effectiveness of debris compactor and determine appropriate timing for wheel rotation and replacement to maximize available airspace.
  • Training of operators relative to cell construction and cap construction to reduce development costs associated with hiring independent contractors.



Scott's C&D Landfill

Columbus, Ohio

Services Performed

Key Project Features
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved Operations
  • Reduced Operating Costs