Bowser-Morner Implements Vapor Intrusion Mitigation at South Dayton Dump Landfill

The Valley Asphalt Site (Site) is an approximate 10-acre parcel that is located on a portion of the South Dayton Dump and Landfill (SDDL) site in Moraine, Ohio.  The SDDL, a former industrial waste landfill that operated from the 1940s until 1996, accepted municipal, commercial, industrial and residual wastes and construction and demolition (C&D) debris.  U.S. EPA proposed the SDDL site to the National Priorities List (aka: Superfund) in 2004 due to the presence of contaminants in the soil, groundwater and soil gas.

First leased, then purchased, Valley’s asphalt plant has been operated on the Site since the mid-1950s.  During that time, Valley has stored raw materials, batched asphalt, and conducted quality-related testing on-site and sold driveway sealer to the public.  Valley did not place waste or C&D debris in or on the SDDL.  However, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were identified in the subsurface of Valley’s property and Valley entered into an Agreement with U.S. EPA to implement mitigation measures for the vapor intrusion of VOCs into on-site buildings. 

Bowser-Morner, Inc. (BMI) prepared the Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Work Plan and associated Health and Safety Plan for Valley Asphalt in 2013.  In compliance with the plan that was approved by U.S. EPA, BMI managed lead and asbestos surveys of non-critical, on-site buildings and abatement and demolition to eliminate unnecessary costs for compliance with the Agreement.  BMI prepared an RFP package for contractors to install the EPA-specified abatement equipment (a sub-slab depressurization system), as well as a proposal priority calculator that generated a quantitative comparison of the contractors. 

BMI conducted the post-installation sub-slab depressurization system proficiency testing in 2013.  BMI has managed the Agreement’s schedule since that time, performing annual proficiency testing, system inspections and minor system maintenance.   The mitigation system continues to abate vapor intrusion into the Valley Asphalt building.

Valley Asphalt

Moraine, Ohio

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Key Project Features
  • Vapor Intrusion Monitoring
  • U.S. EPA Oversight
  • Reduced Monitoring Costs