Introduction to the Effects of Leachate Recirculation

Introduction to the Effects of Leachate Recirculation

Leachate recirculation is a method of leachate management wherein leachate is pumped out and reintroduced back into the landfill.   It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional leachate management methods such as hauling leachate to a treatment plant or connecting to a sanitary sewer.

Leachate recirculation is clearly beneficial for the landfill, but the question remains regarding its effects on the leachate quality. To address this question, Bowser-Morner, Inc. (BMI) looked at leachate quality data for three representative C&DD landfills in Ohio that recirculate leachate.

In this article series, we will present the results of the trend analysis on the recirculated leachate analytical data.  Each article will discuss a couple of constituents, the observed trends in leachate, and potential causes for the change in their concentration.

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