Bowser-Morner tests new radon devices for manufacturers

Project Background

The Radon Reference Lab performs testing to determine the performance of the device under different conditions of temperature, humidity and radon concentration.  The testing plan may include blind exposures to test the device analysis process.  Radon Laboratory personnel develop the testing plan according to the specific goals of the client.  Testing goals may include demonstrating compliance with the criteria in the AARST/ANSI MS-PC standard and/or meeting the requirements for device listing by one or both certification boards.  Bowser-Morner’s Radon Reference Lab does not compete with device manufacturers or analysis laboratories and thus has no vested interest in the outcome of the testing.  Test results are confidential and are only reported to the client and any certification body that the client authorizes.

Example Testing Parameters

The Criteria in AARST/ANSI MS-PC are as follows:

  • 6-15 pCi/L, 65-75 °F, 10-55% RH
  • 30-60 pCi/L, 65-75 °F, 10-55% RH
  • >10 pCi/L, 55-65 °F, 10-25% RH
  • >10 pCi/L, 75-85 °F, 10-25% RH
  • >10 pCi/L, 65-75 °F, 15-25% RH
  • >10 pCi/L, 65-75 °F, 70-80% RH

Requirements of certification boards may differ from these criteria.

Various Radon Device Manufacturers

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