Inventure Civil Puts Bowser-Morner To The Test

Temperature Cycling of ClearCast Forms                                                      Accelerated Weathering Controlling for Temperature and Humidity

Project Background

Bowser-Morner was retained by Inventure Civil of Wake Forest, North Carolina to perform accelerated weathering testing on a concrete industry product being developed by Inventure Civil called ClearCast Forms. The forms are a patented transparent stay-in-place bridge deck forming system. Inventure Civil required passing independent testing and analysis of the ClearCast Forms by an accredited laboratory before the product could be approved for field testing on an actual bridge project.

Test Procedures

The client provided a galvanized steel form having a clear acrylic plastic bottom. A wooden frame was built to enclose the steel / plastic form. The joints between the ClearCast form and the lumber were sealed with silicone caulk. Form oil was applied to the sides of the lumber to allow for stripping the concrete. The form was filled with concrete having a mix design typical of an ODOT mix for bridge deck concrete. The concrete was vibrated to consolidate the concrete. The concrete was allowed to cure for 5 days in a moist environment. After the 5 day cure time, two sides of the wooden outer frame were removed to expose the form and concrete. The unit was then placed inside the Cincinnati Sub-Zero chamber for temperature cycling.


A description of the test procedures utilized in conducting the Temperature Cycling of one (1) ClearCast Form is as follows:


The sample was exposed to the following 8 hour cycles for forty-two (42) complete cycles:


Ramp up from 77 °F to 130 °F in 0.5 hours

Hold at 130 °F for 3 hours

Ramp down from 130 °F to -30 °F in 1.0 hour

Hold at - 30 °F for 3 hours

Ramp up from - 30 °F to 77 °F in 0.5 hours

Repeat for 42 complete cycles


The test unit had no visible evidence of damage. There were no cracks in the plastic and no signs of crazing or fogging resulting from the temperature cycling. After removal of the concrete, a slight haze was observed over about 2% of the surface of the plastic when viewed at an angle. This area remained transparent and did not impede viewing the concrete surface.

Value to Our Client

  • Bowser-Morner’s Analytical Services and Construction Materials Testing Laboratories worked seamlessly together to complete the project on schedule and within budget. Ultimately, the client has successfully taken the product to market.


  • Bowser-Morner’s ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories provided Inventure Civil the independent testing and analysis required to allow for field testing and continuous refinement of the product.


  • Our client saved time and money by being able to utilize a single company and facility to complete their required testing and analysis needs.


Inventure Civil, LLC

Dayton, Ohio

Services Performed

Key Project Features
  • Independent Testing and Evaluation
  • Seamless Laboratory Integration
  • Product Successfully Taken To Market