Richard Tseng, Ph.D., PE, F.ASCE

Richard Tseng, Ph.D., PE, F.ASCE

Chief Geotechnical Engineer, Dayton Engineering & Environmental Services P: (937) 236-8805 x279 E:

Dr. Richard Tseng, PE has more than 40 years of geotechnical engineering experience and has completed thousands of geotechnical studies.  As Bowser-Morner’s Chief Geotechnical Engineer, Dr. Tseng manages and conducts soil studies for a variety of geotechnical projects including commercial, industrial, healthcare, transportation, municipal and education structures.  He also evaluates geologic conditions as well as the subgrade soil information based on his knowledge from previous projects in the area, and directs the planning and performance of field borings and laboratory tests to be used in soil study reports.

Richard has years of experience dealing with local subgrade soil conditions.  Many structural engineers and architects routinely contact Dr. Tseng, for his knowledge of local site conditions in order to evaluate the preliminary phase of their projects.

Dr. Tseng provides recommendations based on the subgrade soil conditions for the design of spread footing foundations, deep foundations including the setup and monitoring of pile load tests, and provides design information for driven steel piles, auger piles and drilled pier foundations.  Additionally, Richard performs studies on weak soil conditions and provides recommendations on the use of the GeoPierTM system to modify subgrade soils to support heavily loaded commercial and industrial facilities such as retail, manufacturing, warehouses, shipping/freight facilities, and grain storage silos. 

He also performs evaluations and designs for river bank stability studies, embankment and embankment dam designs, and stream bank restoration projects.  Dr. Tseng also performs soil studies for airports, highway bridges, and street and interstate highway projects.  Dr. Tseng also has extensive experience in the design of long-span corrugate metal pipes including the footing foundations, headwalls, and wing-walls designs in many US states.

Dr. Tseng provides services in the evaluation of failed foundations and as an expert witness for court cases relating to subgrade soil related foundation problems.  Finally, Dr. Tseng also presents seminars to various private and public sector groups on topics including soil mechanics, soil stabilization, soil testing, how to understand and use geotechnical reports, types of foundations and their applications, determining the allowable bearing capacity of soil based on the findings from soil borings, and common problems encountered in the field during the construction phase of projects.


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