Quality Assurance Manager

Bowser-Morner is an organization providing laboratory and engineering services in the fields of geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, construction materials, metals, aggregates, analytical chemistry and radon calibration. Consistently meeting the analysis and performance standards across a broad spectrum of industries requires Bowser-Morner to follow both internal and external quality standards of many organizations and accrediting bodies. For this to occur consistently, our organization requires a full-time quality assurance manager.

Position Overview

The essential job function is to provide leadership, direction, review, and improvement of the corporate quality management systems and supportive programs such as training, standard operating procedures and specifications, equipment calibration, document control, subcontractor approval, internal and external audits, and corrective actions.


Key Responsibilities

Corporate Operations

·  Develop, implement, maintain, and improve company quality system manuals with the assistance and support of the managers and the president

·  Monitor the calibration of all company measurement and testing equipment and maintenance of measurement standards and reference materials

·  Maintain records of quality system programs, including manuals, standard operating procedures and specifications, personnel qualifications and training, equipment calibrations, subcontractor approvals, quality system audits, proficiency evaluation programs, and corrective actions

·  Audit the various departments on a scheduled basis for compliance with company quality system requirements

·  Provide an annual report to management documenting the quality performance of the company and opportunities for improvement

Department Operations

·  Assist Department Managers in development and implementation of standard operating procedures and specifications

·  Monitor testing and calibration proficiency evaluation results and maintain measurement uncertainty values

·  Support and encourage collaboration among and between the Company’s various departments and operating units

·  Regularly monitor and report the results of the company’s ongoing customer satisfaction measurement program

Market/Client Development

·  Assist the Marketing department and various department managers in marketing and sales efforts by providing quality assurance and quality control documents and support records as applicable.

·  Manage and maintain specific qualification programs (i.e., laboratory accreditation, agency letters of approval, etc.)


Education and Experience

·  Bachelor’s degree in engineering or science with training in quality systems and statistics

·  3-5 years experience in engineering or science practices dealing with laboratory data and equipment

·  Minimum of 2 years progressing quality system management experience, including customer contact and auditing


Skills and Abilities

·  Thorough knowledge of quality standards such as ISO/IEC 17025, AASHTO R 18, ASTM E 329, ISO 9001, ANSI Z540, etc.

·  Ability to communicate and work well with people

·  Ability to establish and maintain on-going relationships with customers and assure customer satisfaction

·  Proficient with Windows based PC systems, including MS Office suite and Excel


Reporting Relationships

·  President – Bowser-Morner, Inc.

·  Responsive to other company officers and managers

Physical Requirements

Physical Ability

·  Stand, walk, push, pull, twist, reach overhead, bending; lift minimum of 30 pounds

Visual Ability

·  Visual accommodation necessary for reading manuals, plans, reports, and instruments necessary to perform functions of job

Hearing Ability

·  Must be able to make and receive phone calls, and communicate orally with auditors, assessors, and company personnel

Work Conditions

·  Office and laboratory environment with occasional construction site visit

(Note:  Position requires occasional travel to other company facilities in Toledo, Ohio and Springfield, Illinois.)
Location: Dayton, OH

EDO/M/F/D/V/Alcohol and Drug-Free workplace.

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