Thomas M. Ryan

Tom joined Bowser Morner, Inc. as a chemist in 1978.  Progressing through the ranks, he is currently Division Manager of the Analytical Services Division.  Tom brings more than 35 years of experience in Chemistry and testing methodologies.  He has a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Dayton.

Mr. Ryan is active in ASTM C07 Committee on limestone and a member of the ASTM Collaborative work group WK20129 to develop a new standard for evaluation of limestone reactivity in flue gas desulfurization systems.  

Finally, Tom oversees activities in the Division’s chemistry & mechanical test lab, limestone analysis, product testing, calibration, and the radon reference laboratory.

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Inventure Civil Puts Bowser-Morner To The Test

Bowser-Morner was retained by Inventure Civil of Wake Forest, North Carolina to perform accelerated weathering testing on a concrete industry product being developed by Inventure Civil called ClearCast Forms. The forms are a patented transparent stay-in-place bridge deck forming system. Inventure Civil required passing independent testing and analysis of the ClearCast Forms by an accredited laboratory before the product could be approved for field testing on an actual bridge project. Read More