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For more than a century, Bowser-Morner has facilitated thousands of successful projects throughout the Eastern United States. While the markets we serve and projects we undertake are diverse, we consistently focus on pragmatic solutions that keep costs low while providing dependable quality and on-time delivery.

To see how our expertise and recommendations have helped builders, producers, and manufactures like you better manage their risks and achieve project success, please explore our featured projects here. Then contact Bowser-Morner to learn how our engineers, technical experts, and scientists can partner with you to meet your project needs.

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Bowser-Morner's Services Crucial to Rose Music Center Project

Working directly with the developer and owner (City of Huber Heights), Bowser-Morner provided a full suite of professional services from environmental site assessments, to geotechnical investigations and engineering, to Construction phase observation and testing, including special inspections. Read More

Inventure Civil Puts Bowser-Morner To The Test

Bowser-Morner was retained by Inventure Civil of Wake Forest, North Carolina to perform accelerated weathering testing on a concrete industry product being developed by Inventure Civil called ClearCast Forms. The forms are a patented transparent stay-in-place bridge deck forming system. Inventure Civil required passing independent testing and analysis of the ClearCast Forms by an accredited laboratory before the product could be approved for field testing on an actual bridge project. Read More

Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill - Underground Mine Stabilization Program

Stark C&D Disposal is a licensed construction and demolition debris (C&DD) landfill located in East Canton, Stark County, Ohio. Due to former mining operations at the site, soils characterized as cut and fill and strip mine spoil occupy various portions of the site. When the facility owners planned to expand operations, they contacted Bowser-Morner to assist them with the technical expertise in developing and implementing a program to stabilize the underground mines beneath the planned expansion areas as required by rule. Read More

Mine Subsidence Investigations Yield Answers to Structure Failures in Kentucky

Unlike fire or storm damage that occurs as an isolated one-time event with an obvious cause, mine subsidence damage can be difficult to document and even harder to determine cause since the time duration of the subsidence "event" can be from a few months to several years. Bowser-Morner’s geotechnical investigation team has 30 plus years of experience in Kentucky providing the technical expertise needed for proper evaluation as to cause and origin of foundation failures and to differentiate between foundation damage due to mine subsidence and other modes of foundation failure not related to mining. Read More

Environmental Remediation Paves the Way for Unique Research and Training Hub

Bowser Morner's Environmental Services Group was retained by Emerson Climate Technolgies to manage the implementation of a Risk Mitigation Plan and provide inspection services during the voluntary installation of a vapor intrusion mitigation system at their new Innovation Center near The University of Dayton. Read More

Bowser-Morner's Radon Reference Lab provides spiking services.

Performing spikes involves exposing devices to known and controlled conditions of radon, temperature and humidity. Read More

Bowser-Morner tests new radon devices for manufacturers

Bowser-Morner's Radon Reference Lab has tested several new radon devices for different manufacturers. We work with our clients to develop a unique testing plan to fit our clients' needs. Read More

The Bowser-Morner Radon Reference Lab performs calibration exposures for charcoal devices semi-annually.

Charcoal Laboratories are required to perform calibration exposures annually to comply with industry protocols. The Bowser-Morner Radon Reference Lab performs calibration exposures for charcoal devices semi-annually. Read More