Make sure your bituminous concrete is up to spec

The Construction Materials Testing Laboratory at Bowser-Morner supports our field services technicians as well as asphalt paving contractors, cities, and counties with their asphalt testing needs. Our asphalt specialists thoroughly analyze and test bituminous concrete and verify that it meets mix design or specifications.

Bowser-Morner asphalt technicians are certified by the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform quality assurance testing on bituminous concrete. To help us provide accurate and reliable results for our clients, we actively participate on ASTM Committee D4 to stay current on the latest standards and approved testing methods.

Asphalt test parameters include:

  • Extraction (percent binder)
  • Gradation of extracted aggregate
  • Specific gravity
  • Density
  • Flow
  • Stability

Additional asphalt services.

The Construction Materials Testing Laboratory at Bowser-Morner can also assist with the following types of tests and materials:

  • Aggregate analysis
  • JMF verification testing
  • Asphalt core analysis
  • Release agent testing
  • Analysis of liquid AC properties
  • Analysis of emulsified asphalt properties
  • Marshall mix design
  • Pavement design and evaluation

Key Personnel

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