Phillip H. Jenkins, Ph.D., CHP

Phillip H. Jenkins, Ph.D., CHP

Senior Health Physicist P: (937) 236-8805 x248 E:

Phillip H. Jenkins, PhD provides technical oversight for Bowser-Morner’s radon reference laboratory, which is the only independent laboratory in the US with a walk-in radon test chamber.  Currently his time is devoted to plans for expanding the laboratory by adding a second walk-in test chamber with state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems.  He also works on upgrading all of the Quality Assurance documentation for the laboratory and serves on committees for developing national radon standards.  Phil has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS and PhD in Bionucleonics all from Purdue University.

Phil began the radon reference lab in 1991 and has seen it become the premier lab of its type in the US.  The lab provides quality assurance testing for all types of radon measurement devices for clients including instrument manufacturers, laboratories, radon testing companies, state and local health agencies, and those doing research or product development.

Phil has been a Certified Health Physicist since 1980 with comprehensive certification from the American Board of Health Physics.  He is currently the President-Elect of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) and will become President in September 2016.

In his free time, Phil enjoys singing and doing volunteer work at his church.  He enjoys traveling with his wife, particularly in the Four Corners region of the Southwest US where he can visit ruin sites from the ancient cultures of that area.