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02.06.17 | Randy Dew

Bowser-Morner Wins Grant, Protects Employees From Injuries

Bowser-Morner recently applied for and received a maximum $40,000 grant from The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Safety Intervention Grant Program to help protect its employees from work-related injuries. Read More

07.20.16 | Randy Dew

Bowser-Morner Recognized by ACIL for its Commitment to Independence in Laboratory Testing

Bowser-Morner licensed by ACIL as a truly independent testing laboratory. Read More

07.19.16 | Randy Dew

Bowser-Morner Sponsors Clemens Cancer Challenge

Bowser-Morner is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Clemens Cancer Challenge. Read More

04.11.16 | Randy Dew

Bowser-Morner Announces First Rebrand in Three Decades; Aligns Strategy and Focus With Clients' Needs

Introducing Bowser-Morner's new brand and their engineering and testing services. Read More