Bowser-Morner Wins Grant, Protects Employees From Injuries

Bowser-Morner Wins Grant, Protects Employees From Injuries

02.06.17 | Randy Dew

When it comes to safety at Bowser-Morner, Accident Prevention is Our Intention. We continually strive to improve our processes and equipment to help our employees work safely, and injury free, regardless of their work environment.


Keeping with our commitment to safety, Bowser-Morner recently applied for and received a maximum $40,000 grant from The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Safety Intervention Grant Program to aid in the purchase and installation of a $70,000 AiroLiftTM lifting and handling system. The custom-built AiroLiftTM system designed for Bowser-Morner’s glass impact testing lab can lift and manipulate glass panes from 30lbs to 250lbs utilizing pneumatic logic controls.


Prior to installing our new lifting and handling system, technicians in our glass impact testing lab were lifting and maneuvering heavy glass panels manually; often handling them twice to complete the required test. Recognizing the potential for injuries in this process, Bowser-Morner moved proactively to protect our glass impact testing lab’s employees.


The addition of our new lifting and handling system will help tremendously to protect our employees from painful and lost-time injuries to their backs, legs, shoulders, and hands that might otherwise have occurred while attempting to manually lift and move heavy and awkward loads in a repetitive fashion. As an added bonus to safety, our lab technicians in the glass impact testing lab also realized a significant increase in their productivity; breaking more glass in less time…a great win-win for our employees and our clients.